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Royal Daycare Centre has built its curriculum around the belief that every discussion is an opportunity to educate the children in our care. Brightly colored leaves can become an explanation of nature’s process and a child’s souvenir from a vacation can lead to a lesson on geography. Curriculum is essentially just a word to describe the interactions, games, and discussions that take place in the classroom.

Our curriculum is rooted in play-based learning based heavily on Erik Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development as well as Jean Piaget’s theories on children’s process of learning and processing as they develop physically. We communicate clearly with parents about our classroom curriculum so that they can always be confident that our approach is rooted in trusted educational philosophy as well as practical application of trusted research.

At Royal Daycare Centre, we work to guide children of all ages through the essential learning process rather than simply showing them how to learn. With a curriculum based on national standards of education and scientific research, we are confident that each child in our care receives the best possible start in their life.


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